Can we Combine Several Gym Air Track Mats?

All of the gym air track mats can be easily combined with other gymnast air track mats with same height and length if you want to extend your track length for doing different exercises and gymnastic things. This is usually possible due to Velcro that is placed at the end of the gymnast air track mat. The main thing that you need to do is to put together the Velcro connecter, which can easily be taken from Kameymall brand.

Some of the air track mats also provide a build in Velcro on the sides, which allows you to have a wider and longer track, which gives you an extra space to do exercise with your friends. The Velcro also gives you an extra opportunity to attach a good landing mat or an incline mat at the end of it. With this incline mat, you can start your tumble as earlier as possible, which gives you more length in the end of the air track mat.

You can also safely and easily finish your tumble if you have an inclined mat attached with the Velcro at the end of an air track mat. It will give you more length and also run-up at the same time.