The Thrills and Fun of getting a Driver’s License

My son is getting his driver’s license, and the family’s expenses are set to increase. He finished his classroom instruction and passed his permit exam. As I was preparing to pick him up after the test  Easy Quizzz, my son was tempted to drive home , but I wouldn’t allow him to. The state of Michigan allows drivers to drive with permits when there’s an adult with a driving license with the vehicle. There was however a lot of traffic and my son was not a driver in the vehicle before, I refused to allow him to drive. He was quite disappointed however, he was respectful and didn’t fight with me.

Three miles away from home and there was not a lot of traffic, I stopped and instructed my son to take the steering wheel. He was extremely satisfied when he offered me a hug and we swapped seats. Since the son of mine is larger than mine I initially made adjustments to the seat, after which we checked the alignment of the rearview as well as both side mirrors. Then, I instructed that he signal and look for traffic. He did so and then hit the accelerator, but we remained stationary. The only thing he was not aware of was to switch the transmission into drive. Once he had that done, we began moving, but then the horn started to ring. We hadn’t checked whether there was a car approaching. My son was worried and confused and advised him to not drive until he’s completed his training on the wheel.

Because I didn’t want him be nervous about driving, so I assured him that he would be able to do it, and we decided to give another go. After signalling and looking the traffic conditions, we pulled away. We were shortly approaching the intersection for our street and I was expecting him to go through it, but he didn’t. He just passed the turn. I told my son that we needed to get home and bring the food items I bought and he said to drive straight towards home. I explained to him that we’d lost the turn. He was too busy controlling traffic, steering and driving that he was unable to notice the location we were in. Then he turned into our driveway, and we made it home. Then he told me that he hadn’t imagined it would be so complicated as there’s so many things to consider while driving, and he was hoping that he could get his driver’s license.

In the end I was struck by the fact that I didn’t pay attention while at the steering wheel. I’ve been driving with my drivers license for over 20 years. So, the fundamentals such as steering, signaling, and paying attention to traffic become my norm. I think my driving skills could improve if I continue in helping my son obtain his driver’s license transferble to anoth. When I told the insurance company that I was advising my son wanted to be able to obtain a drivers license, he advised me that our insurance will be substantially increased with the driver being a young male at our home.