Toll Dice Online Game

Well, obviously game of chance wouldn’t be any fun if you knew the outcome in advance. Therefore game designers invented dice. A dice is a game component where players can throw or roll it and find out which side (face) will up after landing on a flat surface. A game designer (such as Chessex) usually makes a game that works by using two dice, one is shared among all players and the other is known as a “dice cup”.

Some games involve more than just 2 dice. For instance, a game may have 3 or 8 dice. Even 10 sided ones! However, in this article we are only going to discuss how to simulate game play with two dice. To understand game play better let’s look at some real world examples:

The most fundamental game played with two dice is Yahtzee. This game involves rolling 5 consecutive times, calling out each number before it is rolled. In addition there are three special action face numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6) that allow you to take special game changing actions once they are rolled.

Some games exist where game play involves rolling two dice with one die worth more than the other. For instance in Poker the game is generally (not always) played with 5 dice: 2 dice for game play, three dice for edge cases. The game of poker requires using a specific combination of face values of those five dice to decide if your hand beats your opponents or vice versa. In this article we are going to focus on straight up gambling style games i.e., roll two dice and try to beat your opponent by getting higher numbers than them.

Flip a coin game

The game used in this article is called Flip a Dice (FAE). It’s one of my favorite gambling game since it is extremely simple to learn, but has a lot of depth. The game uses 3 dice and two players taking turns throwing the dice with a goal to reach higher numbers than your opponent by adding up the values of all three dice on every throw. For instance if you roll a 2, 4 and 6 then you can choose any one of those 3 numbers (2 in this case) as your final score for that turn. The game ends when someone reaches twice his/her opponents last score. For example if your opponent reached 9 points and you rolled 1.5 times that number during your turn then game over! One player wins (you).

Note: This game is very similar to YAHTZEE game which I posted in my first game design article.

How to play?

In the game set up players can choose multiple options for game settings (for example game length or game points) and game difficulty by choosing either 6 sided, 8 sided or 10 sided dice as their playing pieces(default is the 10 sided dice).

Once game starts player 1 rolls all three of his/her dice while player 2 takes notes on his board regarding the numbers that were rolled and then decides which number from among those three should be used as his final score for this turn and writes that down on his board. Next player 1 rolls all three of his/her dice and does the same thing as player 2 did but deciding which two numbers he/she will use instead of just one