Vyfster Cape Fusion Cuisine by the Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa

The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa offers more than breathtaking views of the Atlantic and National Park landscapes. The hotel has a magnificent Azul restaurant, a wonderful culinary experience that demonstrates the creativity that underlies Cape Town’s identity.

Azul Restaurant’s imaginative Cape Fusion cuisine, combined with world-class service and hospitality, has won the prestigious Chene de Rotisseur Coat of Arms award, making it especially difficult for luxury enthusiasts to resist.
The ingredients are organic, fresh from local markets and Azul’s unique herb gardens, and are probably one of the key elements of international recognition. Executive Chef Henrico Grobbelaar and his dedicated team have created a unique Mother City experience. Their menu includes a variety of Fynbos dishes, a flavor profile that is little known even to South Africans.

This interesting twist of African cuisine has given way to a menu that has succeeded in capturing it in the same way as Michelangelo’s sculpture, for example. The food is original and seems to embody the wild yet delicate character of our country. Cooking works such as Outsfurn’s Crocodylidae Carpaccio will surely be of interest to you. This starter consists of homemade smoked crocodile carpaccio rooibos and lemon avocado oil, capers, Parmigiano Reggiano and spicy tomato chutney. On the main  Hotel alsace course, you can enjoy delicious finbos vegetable curry with pumpkin curry, mushrooms, lentils, soft vegetables, star anise bath mati rice, various curry sides, hot butter roti, and folded popcorn. , Or Springbok lion and potato slices, slowly roasted thyme, tomatoes, walnut puree, peas, honey bush sultana reduction.

As if you couldn’t sweeten a delicious traditional dish, Azure Restaurant has created a variety of desserts that can blur a wonderful memorable appetizer. One of these sensational options is the fine chocolate brown rooibos cream brulee, accompanied by creme anglaise and rooibos apricot sorbet.

Nights at Azure Restaurant don’t have to end on a beautiful terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa clearly has your joy and entertainment in mind with its unique dining and cinematic offerings. After a 5-star South African meal, you can enjoy a classic movie in a private cinema. This is a surefire way to enjoy a cultural feast of the senses.