A beginner’s guide to football betting odds and terminology

Football is a popular sport for betting, with fans drawn in by the action-packed games and competitive odds. All the numbers, ratios, and exotic bet types also are intimidating to new bettors. Learning key gambling terminology and how odds work is crucial to wagering successfully. Football odds are expressed in three formats – fractions (ex. 10/1), decimals (ex. 2.30), and money lines (ex. -120). The fractional odds show what your potential profit could be relative to the stake you put down. 10/1 odds mean a $10 bet profits $100. Decimal odds represent your total payout including your original wager – 2.30 means a $10 bet returns $23. Moneyline odds are based on $100 bets. A -120 favorite must bet $120 to win $100, while +120 underdogs win $100 off a $100 bet.

Spreads and totals

Point spreads and game total bets focus less on winners/losers and more on game margins and scores. Spreads set a projected point differential – a favored team must “cover the spread” and win by over that margin. Totals (over/under) predict whether teams combined will score over or under a set number of points. These odds hinge on game flow, not just the winner. Spread and total odds are typically -110 on both sides. Beyond picking winners, “exotic” bets offer wagers on specific events and milestones within games. These include player proposition bets on stats (40+ yard touchdowns), first team to score, correct final score, winning margins, and more options. Exotic bets have higher odds but lower probability and require research.

Futures and live betting

You also bet on outcomes further in the future rather than individual games. Season-long futures wagers predict division/conference winners, championship odds, win totals for teams, and individual player awards. Futures allow betting seasons in advance, but odds fluctuate over time before settlement. Thanks to mobile and online betting, you now wager in real-time as game odds shift after kickoff. It allows capitalizing on momentum swings and favorable lines. Be quick and decisive to place live bets between plays. Assess odds value smartly while games are ongoing.

Bankroll management

Successful football betting hinges on smart bankroll management. Only risk 1-3% of your bankroll per bet and never chase losses. Have accounts at multiple sportsbooks to shop lines wisely. Set a staking plan and stick to it, increasing stakes as your bankroll grows. Discipline prevents going broke. By learning key terminology and odds formats, newcomers better navigate the expansive world of football betting. Always gamble responsibly – nothing is guaranteed, but preparation and patience pay. Visit ws.dev.vss.mto.gov.on.ca/judi-bola/ for more football gambling resources.