Controllers and turntable players made an unexpected comeback a few years ago. The Numark NS7 seduces us differently, but it has always been a niche product and little used. A few years later we saw a resurgence in turntables with the introduction of the Rane Twelve, Denon SC5000M, and later the Traktor S4 MK3, SC6000M and Rane ONE.

Of all the products available, the most important question is: When will the Pioneer DJ start with the controller with the turntable? For years, the answer seemed to be “no”.

For many years there have been rumors about Pioneer DJ’s turntable controller. It could be a schematic void or it could be someone else’s art idea for a hybrid player. Some custom products from third party companies such as 12inchSkinz may be leaked. I’ve also seen advertisers image “news” in our forecasts.


Well, it was 2022 and Pioneer DJ did the unexpected. Today they unveiled the DDJ-REV7, a high-end Serato-based all-in-one controller with a rotating platter. If you are looking to buy this   – PIONEER DJ REV-7  then your searches end, you can click the link to get best   DDJ REV-7 – PIONEER DJ REV-7 – PIONEER DDJ REV-7

Of course, the first thing to talk about are the trays. This direct-drive platter is stunning unlike anything we’ve seen before. Pioneer DJ has done something special by eschewing the traditional locking pin mechanism of players such as the Rane Twelve or Denon 6000Ms.

The closest comparison, at first glance, is the older Technics SL-DZ1200 CDJ. It looks like the middle screen, but if you look closely, the Pioneer DJ has done some things better. The top has a very different piece of Technics SLDZ’s ring design. The Center of Gravity is visible at the bottom of the screen and displays the waveform, BPM, loop length, track key, etc. Unlike most gamers, this isn’t a device you see on decks. Rather, it is a metal ring. The screen is centered and only the outer ring rotates. Inside this ring is a second plastic ring that controls the position of the tray. The top plate slides over the second ring and snaps into the small plastic teeth that control software movement. It has a beautiful and original design and is probably the best digital converter I have ever seen.

Many thanks to Krisp Kutz for loaning me Rane ONE for the comparison.
The tray feels at least as good as the ONE, NS7 or SC6000M. However, since there is no main adapter mechanism 45, the extra space makes a significant difference in surface area. I have to measure the tray because it looks bigger than 7 inches from the distance. The chainring can run at 33 or 45 speeds and can be switched. It also comes with a turntable controller and a set of sound bending buttons which have become standard features for gamers

The average screen is similar to what you see on the DDJ-1000. The default configuration includes a facial waveform with a vertical smooth scrolling waveform in the middle and a full rate waveform on the outside. I also got a waveform for the back deck of the screen. Pioneer DJ has added a variation of the CDJ Phase Meter display to this view.

Additionally, BPM, Auto-Loop, Pitch Percentage and Keys values ​​were recommended. You can also use the Shift and Pitch Bend buttons to zoom in and out of the platter waveform.

The board screen has 3 additional views, giving a total of 4 views. Each option displays display information related to the tracking described above. Virtual Deck mode is reminiscent of the DDJ-1000SRT’s platter screen. Now this screen includes a new countdown timer that shows the beats until the next temperature. In this view you can see the number of semitones changed by the primary key.

The last two views include the artwork view and the DJ logo view. The Track Art view shows all the artwork in your collection, and the DJ Logo view shows the DJ logo. The best but the best screen.
33 Double-click the virtual register button that appears on each screen.

I love these targets. I really like them. They respond, maintain accuracy and enjoy the use. The design is fantastic and I’m still waiting for the turntable with an integrated screen. These are perhaps my favorite rotary plates when playing on turntables and I’ve used most modern options.

A great gift for Pioneer DJ for the exchange with R&D and for innovation in this field. It’s good to see people experimenting with different designs of proof designs.