Before You Medicate Your Child – Read This Article!

Many children are acting out psychological frustrations that they can not or are unable to communicate to adults. The easiest thing for some parents or primary caregivers to do is to have their child’s doctor prescribe a “magic pill” for the child to eliminate the parent’s psychological headache that rids them from the accountability and responsibility from putting forth real, down-to-earth efforts that are required to raise their child. Many parents today can not imagine what parents did 10, 15, 20 years ago before the era of Ritalin.

Many parents prefer to control their child’s behavior through medication. Regardless of the emotional, psychological and social reasons that may be the root causes of why their child is acting out; it’s easier to give a child a pill than address questions about sex, drugs, war and the economy. It’s easier for some parents to give their children a pill than be honest with them about why they hate their jobs, abuse drugs or continue to select the wrong partner.

As a psychologist, I am mandated to report any suspicions or reports of sexual or physical abuse. These are the easy cases because the rules are clear cut. On the other hand, we can not share confidential information that our client has shared with us during individual counseling sessions that could violate trust and destroy family relationships. I am going to share some of the issues that children have 溶脂針 expressed to me about their parents. I am not saying that there aren’t any cases where a child does not need medication, but medication should be given to your child as a last resort after eliminating the following possible causes of why your child is acting out:

Are you working too many hours?
Many children complain that they never see their parents and that it is embarrassing when their peers talk about family game night, movie night or even doing chores together. One kid said, “My mother is always telling us that she is working hard to pay the bills and put food on the table. I understand this. What I don’t understand is why when she has a day off from work, she would much rather spend that time with a friend than with me and my brother. When we tell her that we miss her, she says that she need ‘adult time with her friends.’ I hope that she enjoys her adult time with my teachers and principal. This is the only time I get to see her during the day.”

Are you in an unhealthy intimate relationship?
Parents think that their children are sleeping or unaware of what is going on their dating or marital relationships, but I am speaking to you from the depths of my soul-your children know what is going on. They have told me more times than I care to count about their parents unhealthy relationship habits. One child said that what bothered him the most was that every week his mom would let a new guy sleep in her bed. His mother would sneak the guy out before it was time for him to get up, but she didn’t know that he would watch the new guy walk to his car and drive away. He explained to me as he sobbed uncontrollably, that this is why he hated his mother. He said, “My mother pretended to be into church and would always tell me what to do, but I just want to tell her that she is a lying slut.”