Comparison of Park Tool PCS-9 to the PCS-10 Bicycle Repair Stand

Park Tool’s PCS-9 Home Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand was and nonetheless is a popular repair stand. The PCS-10 came out later and is also scoring super critiques, if no longer better. I did a variety of studies on the two in looking for that is the proper stand to buy and here is a assessment for those doing the equal element or searching to shop for an excellent bicycle repair stand.

Both are strong. You’ll be surprised, they may be extra strong then they appearance in the pix. Both their clamps will rotate 360 tiers, which permits you to rotate your bike to any angle whilst operating on it. Both will adjust to the equal top if favored, that’s tall sufficient to fulfill your bicycle tinkering desires. Both fold up so they can be put away or moved to some other area extra easily than the non-transportable restore stands which could need a parking space in your garage. They also can each preserve motorcycles with strange fashioned tubing, if you happen to be one in every of them peculiar tubing form of men.

In brief, PCS-10 is the identical style of bicycle restore stand with all of the identical capabilities however it is carrying a few enhancements. Of course you gotta love enhancements. I try no longer to get too stuck up within the bells and whistles on any next technology product until I need them, but for the maximum element, I would not say those new capabilities fall fully into that category. The upgrades appear to had been well concept out to take a popular product of the PCS-9 and turning it into a good simpler and less difficult to apply tool. Getting a sturdy motorcycle restore stand is, in itself, already making existence simpler by using a long way in your bicycle home upkeep. The PCS-10 strives to do this even greater.

Here’s an assessment of the upgrades to the PCS-10

1. Quick Release Clamp
With the PCS-nine repair stand, you need to keep the motorbike with one hand at the same time as slowly screwing the clamp closed. It’s a great deal easier and faster with the single clamping movement of the PCS-10. The quick launch clamp additionally sports a pair precise capabilities of it’s very own that I sense are worth noting:

clamp stress is fully adjustable
the jaw covers are replaceable, which basically manner the PCS-10 have to stand a very good chance of lasting you thru your cycling life.
As one reviewer put it:

“I went ahead and chose this (PCS-10) over the much less high priced Park Tool PCS-9 Home Mechanic Work Stand to get the quick-release clamps, which I recommend; in any case, Restoro Crack you need to spend your time working at the motorbike, now not the stand, and getting returned out on the street or path, right? Every little little bit of frustration and effort stored enables.”

Fair sufficient.

2. More Portability
Both may be folded down to be positioned away and moved around, but the PCS-10 weighs a bit much less than the PCS-nine, so it is a little extra transportable. Both aren’t as mild as some bicycle restore stands can be, however the lighter ones will by no means be as strong and the heavier ones will by no means be as transportable. So Park Tool tries to get an awesome balance with both those stands and do a brilliant activity. Little extra so with the PCS-10.

3. Quick Release Height Adjustment
Again, makes things easier. Both stands will modify to hold your motorcycle pretty excessive up in case you need them to. The PCS-10 makes this adjustable movement less complicated for the reason that PCS-9 uses a hex key for this movement.

4. Little Extra Stability
Park Tool bolstered the middle yolk within the PCS-10 for what they are saying is advanced balance, and feature delivered a sliding ring to fasten the folding legs. This component is starting to experience a touch like the bells and whistle but it can not harm. If they’ve controlled to make the PCS-10 a little more lighter and plenty more stable, then that could be a extremely good selling feature.

Five. Price
You get what you pay for and of route the PCS-10 fee a little greater. Not plenty, however if your budget is tight then this will be the primary purpose to get the PCS-9. If your squirming over whether or not to pay the few extra bucks, don’t be anxious too much as the PCS-nine is a great sturdy stand. Otherwise the PCS-10 is the higher and upgraded bicycle restore stand of the two options.