Data Is the New Soil for Agriculture!

“Information is the brand-new Oil”. This was not the initial celebration when we heard this expression. We heard it from the insurance policy, manufacturing as well as the healthcare sector leaders. Yet surprisingly in the current times the advanced big information modern technology, is a topic commonly gone over in among the earliest as well as conventional markets – the Agricultural Market.

So why exists much talk as well as even more significantly big financial investments as well as procurements occurring in the Big Data analytics space within the farming company? Why instantly farming effectiveness is emphasized like never ever before and yield-per-acre is one of the most researched metric in the business?

Remarkably, answers to these series of “Why” queries can be connected to another large and strong inquiry that stands before us, that is “” Just how to feed the raising population by 2050?”

Currently the globe population is at 7.2 billion and also the extra 2 billion is a large number. Picture including 2 even more countries of the dimension of India (globe’s 2nd most populous nation) in the food demand basket!

Also, if we juxtapose the UN World population approximates with the Per head Cultivable land numbers provided by World Bank, we would be able to recognize the gravity of the situation. We require to create as well as supply food to the 9 billion from even minimal land and decreasing water properties in the following 35 years. The population increase puts enormous pressure on the Ag-industry at numerous dimensions. To handle this difficulty, the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture), estimates that the ranch productivity, determined in yield-per-acre, needs to increase by an extraordinary 60% from the present figures.

“Mankind was born on Earth. It was never implied to die here”! The renowned flick quote from Interstellar influences us of the reality that each time the human race has actually confronted with actual crisis, we have stood up as well as develop incredible innovations to tackle the situation. So, allow us have a glance at the background of farming and also see just how the Ag market has actually dealt with similar challenges in the past making use of modern technology and also took the ranch efficiency to the next level.

As we understand, with every brand-new technology at each phase, the productivity degrees improved tremendously. Since a large part people recognize the tale of farming till the biotechnology age, allow us concentrate on one of the most recent advancements i.e. Accuracy farming and also Big Data.

Accuracy farming in many uncomplicated terms is the application of exact as well as exact quantities of inputs like, fertilizer, pesticide and, water at the correct time to the harvest for increasing its efficiency and also optimizing its yields. The GPS technology sped up the adoption and use precision farming as it allows comprehensive and also precise mapping of the ranches. Together with the General Practitioner and the Choice Support group mounted in his computer system, the farmer obtains details regarding the condition of his harvest as well as which part of the farm requires inputs such as pesticide or plant food.