Diving Vacations at Port Macquarie – Wherever to Stay, Wherever to Dive

Australia’s premier crane is at The underside in the ocean close to Port Macquarie. So are an abundance of gray nurse sharks, wobbegongs and colourful fish. Come and revel in this magnificent dive place. Port Macquarie vacations can certainly be crammed up with diving adventures, If you have All of this on supply:

Port Macquarie

There are various dive web pages available from Port Macquarie. These involve “The Cod Gap” where you can see gentle coral, sponges, nudibranchs (a colourful and interesting sea slug) and wobbegongs (a “carpet shark” that spends lots of its time resting on the sea ground) in and across the normal coral arch current at This great site.

All levels of divers can love “Bird Rock” that has a most depth of 13 metres, and features considerable maritime lifetime within the rock. Somewhat tougher is “Yabbies”, which is made up of a increasing rock plateau. There is also a stunning sponge backyard garden a brief swim faraway from the rock. Yabbies is around 30 minutes south of Port Macquarie.

“Shelley Vast”, given that the title could possibly advise, is kreis schleswig a reef rather appreciable in dimension. An individual dive here won’t be plenty of to appreciate all the diversified marine daily life right here. No less than you will get a style!

Loads of maritime rock development and accompanying fish make “The Wall” A further superior possibility.

Stunning “Barry’s Bay” is the place You will probably have the prospect to affix loads of larger sized sea creatures for a pleasant swim. Viewing choices include things like turtles, octopuses, wobbegongs, gray nurse sharks, in addition to pleasant fish.

Laurieton / North Haven

Be ready to arrive head to head with the eyeful of many Gray Nurse Sharks if you choose to dive at Cod Grounds, a dive internet site close to North Haven. The sharks feel fairly unperturbed by divers’ existence, calmly gliding about, as educational facilities of colourful fish also drift about. North Haven is a few forty five minute travel south of Port Macquarie.

The Titan

The Titan crane has a long and really colourful history. Acquiring been built in 1919, it was the largest crane in southern Australia in the course of its 70 12 months plus vocation. It had been in constant operation loading and unloading warships during Entire world War II, and was also Employed in the development of some of Sydney’s major bridges, particularly the Iron Cove, Gladesville and Spit Bridges. After a controversial sale of the historic piece of apparatus to a Singaporean corporation, a lot more controversy followed with the choice, from some professional advice, the Titan be towed to Singapore. The nation’s reduction, and afterwards the new owner’s decline is currently divers’ acquire, given that the Titan sits 40 metres down, off Position Perpendicular, near Laurieton. This best major crane sank in late 1992, during that fateful towing attempt. Soft Sponges and coral now thrive over the Titan’s frame, as huge cuttlefish and Other people now also enable it to be residence.