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Employer Tax Form Returns Can Be a Pain

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On Tuesday, November 13th, 1789 in America, Benjamin Franklin wrote the famous words, “There is nothing certain in life but death and taxes.” He was probably right and employer tax form returns are now an essential and certain part of doing business in the UK.The power that taxation has is immense. It has always been so too. The Christian Bible even mentions taxation. In Genesis it says, “when the crop comes in, give a fifth of it to Pharaoh.” That’s 20% taxation.Engraved on an Egyptian pyramid is a scene depicting peasants who have been seized by the authorities for not paying their taxes. They didn’t have these forms in those days, but they took non payment of taxes very seriously just the same. ird forms

Al Capone of Chicago gangster fame in the 1930s didn’t have any time for them either, and that was his undoing. He was suspected of a multitude of crimes, even murder, but the authorities had nothing to go on and he remained free. Then they looked at his tax record. A few returns on record would have been handy for Al at this point, but none existed and so Mr Capone went to jailThere are a good many forms to think about these days. There are form returns for end of year annual returns, car and car fuel benefits, relocation expenses and benefits, the return of expenses and benefits, the return of payments, expenses and benefits, the employer payment record, and many more.Employer tax forms with names such as, P38A, P35, P9D, P11DWS1, and P46 all need attending to and need to be filled in and returned by the due date stated. Increasingly, the Inland Revenue are looking at having returns completed electronically online. This will cut down costs and make it easier for employers too.Currently it is mandatory for medium sized and large employers, defined as having over 50 employees, to file their end of year returns online. Until 2009/10 small employers with less than 50 employees can voluntarily file their end of year returns online and receive a bonus for doing so.The incentive bonus is £150. It will be credited to the employers PAYE account as soon as their P35 form has been filed successfully online. Small businesses will also be required to file th


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