Get Inspired by the Mystical Landmarks and Historical Magnificence of Rome

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Italy’s most treasured capital city – Rome located in Western Italy sitting on the banks of the Tiber River offers visitors a wealth of historical insight dating as far back as two thousand years to the Roman Empire with its many ruins and monuments still standing today. Being in Rome is the closest you are ever likely to experience past events – it is almost like a history book unveiling in front of your very eyes as you wander through classical features from the Christian and Baroque period to its most modern architectural masterpieces that today have helped mould Rome into a cosmopolitan city that is well known throughout the world as art and fashion Industry leaders.

Many first time visitors to Rome are surprised by david hoffmeister  how busy and bustling the city can be. Day and night the city never sleeps and neither do the Italians!! Social and party life begins around midnight in the summer months as it gets incredibly hot – typical temperature in July and August can reach around 92F and due to it’s hot summers and Mediterranean winters the surrounding scenery in its public parks and gardens are luscious, green and colourful making it a welcome retreat from the city heat.

The easiest way to travel to Rome is by plane and due to its popularity as one of the most visited cities within the European Union you won’t have any problems booking a low cost flight. Flying time from London to Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport is around 3 hours making it an ideal Christmas or weekend shopping destination. Travelling around Rome is very accessible as it has one of the largest rail stations in Europe which is conveniently situated for easy journeys to other Italian Cities or you could use its extensive metro system to get around the sights in Rome. Both the Metro and Termini (train) station serve the Airport.


The best place to start your sightseeing in Rome is the Capitoline Hill which was formerly the Roman Empires political headquarters – here you can expect to find the famous Piazza del Campidoglio designed for Pope Paul III by Michelangelo in 1550 and San Giuseppe del Falegnami was once a former church were St Peter was supposed to have been held captive, also located near by is the Arch of Septimus Serverus which was constructed in AD to commemorate Julius Caesars’s 10th Anniversary as leader.

You can’t miss an opportunity to visit Rome’s well known ancient monument – the Colosseum which was built in 80AD by Titus and Vespasian. The Colosseum was built primarily to hold games and events – today it is still used in many films and of course for tours and for the public to view. Another un-missable sight is the Sistine Chapel built in 1481 for Pope Sixtus. The chapel displays stunning murals painted by Michelangelo.