GoBiotix Probiotic Multivitamin

COMPLETE MEN & WOMENS PROBIOTIC MULTIVITAMIN : Get your daily intake of ESSENTIAL VIITAMINS paired together with a potent Probiotic that promotes healthy gut health. The ultimate 2-in-1 Multivitamin / probiotic formula is available for both men & women. Probiotics can help with digestion. This multivitamin contains 25 BILLION CAPSULES OF PROBIOTICS. It regulates your overall digestive and immune system, and helps maintain an optimal microbiome balance.

NATURALLY SUPPORT GUT HELPH – This Complete PROBIOTIC Multivitamin Retinyl Palmitate Lactobacillus Paracasei Amazon contains 25 billion LIVE PROBIOTIC CULTURES. Our all-natural non GMO capsule delivers results unlike any other. Enjoy a new level of wellness with a brand you trust and that cares about your health. Our adult probiotic multivitamins contain over 25 billion gut friendly bacteria, creating the perfect environment to support the growth of good bacteria.

PREMIUM QUALITY. Unlike any other multivitamins with probiotics, our multivitamins with probiotics formula is both acid and gas resistant. GoBiotix Complete Probiotic Multivitamin contains 100% natural, vegetarian, and glutten-free ingredients. Our products are safer than supplements that contain artificial colors/colors and fillers.

DIGESTIVE HALTH & IMMUNE SYMPTOM SUPPORT: Our multivitamin probiotics can replenish beneficial bacteria, promote vitamin production, and support daily relief. The probiotic microorganisms, along with our nutrient dense vitamins, work together with other components to your immune system to keep you healthy. Help your digestive system function better by restoring the natural balance of good bacteria.

HIGH-QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS FROM BRANDS YOU CAN TRULY TRUST: GoBiotix is proud to use only the best-quality ingredients. Our products are made under strict quality control and inspected in a GMP approved facility right here in the USA. Vitamin A and C, D, B6, B12; Thiamins, Riboflavins, Niacins, Folate. Biotin. Iron. Magnesium. Selenium. L-Arginine Hydrochloride. Saw Palmetto Powder. Grapefruit Extract. Cayenne Pepper. Fruit Extract.