Good News Or Bad News – And The Difference Is?

Ever had a person provide you with terrible information? How approximately good information? What’s the distinction or is there a distinction?

Good news – stuff or records that makes us happy, content, reassured, at ease and demonstrated.

Bad information – the opposite.

So, it might seem that there’s a difference between properly and horrific information – examine on.

Have you ever gotten horrific information however in the end matters grew to become out nicely or better than you predicted? Have you ever obtained true news and through the years what you concept was appropriate information ended up being not so top?

From private revel in I can tell you that I actually have experienced all 4 –

Good news that become precise.

Bad information that became awful.

Good information that I thought was precise however ended up being bad.

Bad information that I thought was bad and ended up being excellent.

Confused but? Well I realize that over time I become trending tech news frequently careworn approximately the distinction among those obvious contrary messages. But then I found out that now and again awful news for one individual can be perceived as top information for someone else and that appropriate news to one individual through the years may be perceived as terrible.

Confused? Let me provide an explanation for.

In the cease it’s simply information and what makes it horrific or desirable or maybe impartial isn’t always the information itself however how we perceive it, judge it, evaluate it or react because of it.

How can a person understand terrible news as proper you may ask? Or the opposite, how ought to a person understand accurate information as bad?

In brief – each folks has a completely unique records, stories, ideals and values and as a end result none people ever see the same thing or situation within the same manner.

Someone who is a worrier, poor, pessimistic or impatient might see a put off as bad while some other individual who understands the concept of there are matters we are able to control and there are things we can not manipulate so why get all disappointed about some thing you can’t control or if you may control it get busy.

In the cease everything that occurs – just occurs and what we do is interpret all of it based totally on our expectancies, goals, needs or mindsets and all of those are unique for each folks.

Let me come up with a couple of personal examples. And if you will recall the explanation even though you could now not have had precisely the same occasions, if you may consider it I’ll be you may relate.

Prior to staring my speakme and training career I become a national income supervisor for an global corporation. Long story but the quick side is I had an problem with my boss, the president and as a end result he fired me. Bad news, right? Well that became all I needed to determine it was time to begin a profession that has lasted over forty years and has allowed me to peer the world (25 countries to this point) and work with some notable customers and audiences. So in the long run this awful information turned into in reality right information.