I consider the best of the past decade

His films Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler are considered masterpieces and The Fountain his only folly. But is it really? Frequently working with director of photography Mattew Libatique and composer Clint Mansell Aronofsky has created a body of work that I consider the best of the past decade. For The Wrestler he became only the third American to ever receive a Golden Lion, which is considered one of the most prestigious awards in filmmaking. (Sofia Coppola has since won a GL as well for Somewhere) I will quickly be discussing all his movies, why they’re awesome, and why he is questionably the greatest director of his generation. speed dating

The title greatest of his generation is just viral bait. How do I know what his generation is? Genre? Age? The period he got famous? Who knows? Instead, I’ll argue for why his movies are great, not why other director’s movies are not. Keep in mind I’m not just performing fandom fellatio on Aronofsky, but instead, trying to encourage everyone who reads this to watch his movies and consider their impact and value.

Testuo – The Iron Man, Sin City, Repulsion. Who the hell would have thought all those would mix into a sixty thousand dollar, independent film? In the mid-nineties Aronofksy was a twenty-nine year old American Film Institute graduate who was a promising talent, but needed to make a feature film. Like I said before, there are daring independent films and then downright ludicrous ones. Aronofsky set out to make a cyberpunk film about math, obsession, and madness. Pi is all about math, but like all of Aronofsky’s films that is only what simmers on the surface. Deeper boils the theme shared by all Aronofsky’s films: obsession. Pi follows Max, a genius mathematician, as he delves deeper into his mind in order to discover a mysterious number that makes order of the universe.