Increasing Traffic to Your Website by Getting Hacked

Normally the amount of traffic your website receives is quite uniform. Between one day and the next not too much changes. Growth is slow and steady.

But there might come a day when you see a sudden and large spike in traffic. At first you might be excited thinking that your site has finally took off – that it is finally going to succeed. Maybe, but maybe not.

True, one possibility is that your site was Twitch Viewer Bot mentioned on a social network or popular blog and that explains the rise in traffic. But there is another more sinister possibility – your site has been hacked.

How to tell that your website has been hacked?

1) Increase in traffic

The first and most obvious clue is a sudden raise in traffic. A hacked site usually means that somebody put webpages on your site and sending traffic to your site to view the pages.

The pages are usually information gathering pages. Hackers place a fake banking update page on your site and send people there to fill it out. Not suspecting fraud, people fill out the banking info and then by clicking submit they send their private banking information to the hackers. The hackers then use the information to access the bank accounts.

Therefore, the increase in traffic you notice are people filling out banking information forms on your website.

2) Increase in page views of pages you did not create.

Check your states. Are there any pages that you did not create that are receiving lots of page views?

Usually the hacker is able to access one of your folders because of incorrect security settings. They places all the banking update pages in the folder. Look for strange page names with lots of page views.

If you find such a page then have a look at it. Download it to your local computer and open it in notepad. Do not run it – it might be a script. Just open it in notepad and try to figure out whether it is something that should be on your website or not.

3) Check referring sites

Go through your referral sites and look for odd sites sending you traffic. For example, a site that has nothing to do with your niche. Or a site that suddenly appeared and is sending you lots of traffic.

Visit the site and search for a link back to your site. If you cannot find a link back to your site then that is a good sign that the hackers are using the site to redirect traffic to your site.

What do if your website has been hacked?

The first thing is contact your web hosting service. Tell them what you have found. Either they will remove the hack and increase the security of your website or they will recommend what needs to be done.

For most hacks the resolution is to remove the foreign pages, block the suspicious referring sites from accessing your websites, getting the latest updates for any applications and tools used on your website, and checking the permission settings on all the folders in your public folder.

By keeping your website up to date with the latest patches and updates you reduce the chance that a hacker will exploit a security hole and have access to your website.

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