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Listening Hands

Teng Lik or Listening Power frames the fundamental pith behind the establishment of the Shaolin Ancestors framework. During San Da (free battling) at whatever point your rival is outside your striking reach you have the choice to make or not connect with your rival’s strikes and to do so would frame what is known as a Kiu (Bridge) and consequently the articulation Kiu Sau (Bridge Hand).

Making an intentional scaffold when drawing in will be in itself a battling technique thus at whatever point your rival’s appendages are obstructing your entrance and contact is made then your Teng Lik expertise is the thing that assists with appropriating a compelling response. Through long periods of preparing the different San Sik

(battling drills) we can prepare the cerebrum to respond all the more instinctually through automatic responses.

At times the contact will be close to a short lived look yet the listening hands can go about as a sensor for situating and for circumstances when the contact is for any longer then ceaseless listening is needed to control and disperse the approaching force. KIU In short the input we get from the contact takes into account our very own superior judgment positional security and practicality of creating more compelling striking force.

While assaulting an extension the principal contact should have the option to convey viable problematic energy whether as dangerous Ton Lik (Heavy force) or the milder Fa Lik (Draining force). At the point when assaults are made with two hands then both Ton Lik and Fa Lik would be utilized all the while to keep up Ying Yang methodology.

The viability of utilizing the Bridge methodology lies in your capacity to control space by keeping a consistent interruption of energy on your rival during contact anyway short the period. By assaulting the approaching energies we are meaning to defer your rival’s reaction times to

our assaults or counter strikes while we take up a superior hostile position.

We accomplish successful disturbance by utilizing non direct reactions to anything that comes in straight. Every one of our responses to problematic energy follows a semi-round or winding way which considers better ingestion and disturbance of force while keeping up most extreme speed and stream of energy.

Similarly as with any battling framework the degree of adequacy is just pretty much as great as the measure of powerful and serious preparing one is set up to focus on. Yet, Teng Lik preparing can give a most important apparatus to any serious contender or combative techniques aficionado.

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