MP3 Download Site “MP3 Audio Station is all about speed and Safety

The first thing to strike you on the MP3 Audio Station will be the promises of UNLIMITED MP3 downloads. It’s which is a tempting offer as the site grants you access to over 800 million tracks and video.

MP3 Audio Station the one-stop shop for all your MP3 downloads, which includes music, video, and software, so it’s good that they have speedy download speeds. Of course, speedy download speeds are only part of the equation; there’s not worth downloading your music on the move if the audio quality and the sound you download really doesn’t suit. When you use MP3 Audio Station, users will get high-quality audio downloads with speedy speeds, and you’ll fill you mp3 player with top quality music immediately mp3 juices red.

You can purchase your music download through a subscription. You have the option of choosing from three types of subscriptions:

The price of $29.95 covers one year of downloads. That’s the equivalent to $2.49 each month.

The price of $32.95 covers two years of downloads, which is the equivalent to $1.37 per month.

The best deal among all the options is an Unlimited Access deal at $34.95 that provides unlimited music, videos as well as software downloads over a long time. (I do not like the phrase “forever” because you never know what’s going to be the outcome in the future of downloading, anyway?) But for those of us who live present and now with hungry players of mp3 to satisfy, it’s quite a bargain in comparison to the 79c for a track on iTunes.

If you are a fan of your films You can upgrade to the Unlimited Full DVD and CD package which will provide what it promises at just $14.95 more. Remember that in order to download movies successfully the faster your internet connection is, the more efficient.

The package also comes with an array of additional software that you can use, and we’re not talking an unfinished high school project here. Software is provided by companies like LimeWire and Azureus So you’re receiving software that is going improve your PC’s performance rather than clogging it with useless blog software.

In the bundle of software is a cool application that lets you burn your most loved tracks onto CD in only minutes, allowing you to travel with your music in your car, without the requirement of an iTrip or other similar streaming device for mp3. It can also burn your favorite movies onto DVDs, which are ideal for watching films with viewers at the comfort of your couch, instead of huddled in front of your computer screen!

In the age of pop-ups and malware it’s comforting to be aware the fact that MP3 Audio Station is a reliable source of information. It promises zero adware or spyware (and that’s why they should thank you very much)! To ensure your PC’s security MP3 Audio Station downloads also contain anti-virus and anti-spyware software and you can be assured that your PC is secure while using MP3 Audio Station.

Something to be aware of is that the deals on MP3 Audio Station and MP3 Musiq appear to be the same and, based on how the sites are set up it is possible that the same people be behind both websites. But, the dedicated MP3 music downloader must be on the lookout whether any of them chooses to cut a price to the other in the near future…