Power Cords and Connectors

A power cord is a long, flexible cable that connects a device to a source of electrical power. Typically, these cords are made of a high-quality wire with an insulative jacket and are molded to be resistant to the effects of weather. Depending on where you’re using the cord, you’ll need one with a particular voltage rating or wire gauge, which will be listed on the power cord itself.

When buying a power cord, make sure to look for certification marks for safety, and check the plug pattern. Plug patterns vary by country, but you can find out which one your power cord will use with Interpower’s Guide to Worldwide Plug/Socket Patterns. Look for NRTL certification marks on the cord as well. North American and Japanese Class I cords may look similar, but UL 817 is a U.S. standard and Japanese cords do not carry this certification.

The most common types of power cords are NEMA 5-15R and NEMA 5-15P. These standards are generally adopted in North America. They represent three-wire circuits and are rated for 15 amps. Most plugs use this standard. Another type is NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R, while NEMA 6-15P cords are similar but are used more in Europe. The most common power cords are rated for 125V and 15A.

IEC 60320 is an international standard that specifies the electrical  Streamer Lights requirements of a power cord. Different countries use different standards, but IEC 60320 is recognized worldwide. Power cords that meet this standard have a “C” code standard, indicating that the connectors are compatible with a certain voltage and current combination. Some power cords even have an IEC 60320-certified coupler. When purchasing a power cord, consider the safety requirements of the country you are purchasing it for.

Volex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power cords. It sells power cords and connectors to manufacturers worldwide. Volex’s plugs mate to the power source and pass electricity through copper conductors. The female plug engages with the appliance. This ensures safe use for both sides. For safety and compatibility, Volex plugs are designed for safety. With Volex, you can benefit from their strong technical expertise, global factory footprint, and logistics support. Custom-designed products are available quickly and expertly.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) sets the standards for electrical receptacles and cord voltage capacity. In the U.S., the two most common types are NEMA types A and B. The NEMA type B is grounded and includes an extra ground rod. In Europe, the standard is CEE 7/7, which sets the standard for plugs in that continent. While NEMA standards are recognized as internationally-standard, it’s important to check the label on power cords to make sure they’re compatible with your specific needs.