Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Are They Worth Buying?

There are many types of quartz, but white shimmer quartz are always best. As an opportunity to Granite then sure Quartz Worktops are really well worth shopping for … motives below:

Composition … A combination of Quartz and Resin generating a completely tough sporting floor, greater than able to withstanding maximum of the influences because of every day use

Durability … Most Quartz Worktop’s are non porous and stain resistant – so no floor sealing or renovation is required

Colour … Much wider variety of colors to be had than herbal stone, in particular in case you are searching out Light Grays or shiny Red’s / Blue’s / Greens

Appearance … Colours and styles are guy made, and consequently the pattern colour/sample you pick out is the real colour/sample you get (this can’t be assured with a herbal stone product)

Cleaning & Maintenance … Non porous & scratch resistant, quartz worktops are extraordinarily hygienic (a few have antibacterial properties). Cleaning is first-class finished with a humid material and a small amount of non bleach family cleaner

Cost … Not cheap, however at approximately 75% of the price of Granite, pretty affordable

Major Brands …Silestone, Zodiac, Ceaserstone, Q-Stone are to be had from a big quantity of stockists throughout the country

Quartz Worktops aren’t a DIY job – they’re commonly offered via way of means of expert stable floor fabricators who will now no longer manufacture till they have “templated” your kitchen (equal procedure as shopping for Granite)

This can motive greater disruption to the set up as there may be the inevitable put off among templating, manufacture, and fitting (relying upon dealer some thing from five to twenty days)

Note! the templating can’t be finished till your base gadgets had been fitted

Always test the put off time earlier than putting your order because it is probably essential on your kitchen healthier to healthy transient worktops.

Fitting a sink, and in all likelihood a hob, into the transient pinnacle will suggest you could nonetheless use your kitchen (even though in a restrained fashion) while anticipating your new Quartz Worktop.

Would I purchase them? … When you don’t forget Quartz Worktops are visually as beautiful as Granite, to all extensive functions as robust as Granite, are greater hygienic and less difficult to hold than Granite, and commonly less expensive than Granite … the solution is Yes!