Review of Epic Soccer Training: Is it the best soccer training program?

Epic Soccer Training has been used by over ten million players from more than 100 countries. It is a valuable and comprehensive soccer training program. But is it really?

Here’s a quick overview of the soccer program and a honest review of its strengths and weaknesses.

What is Epic Soccer Training?

It is a unique soccer program that Matt Smith, an Adidas All-American player, has created.

This program is for both beginners and those with basic soccer skills. It will help you become a better player. This program is based on individual training to assist soccer players in improving their skills outside of the team environment.

The course was created by Matt Smith spbo terlengkap based on the skills he received from the top soccer coaches around the world. It assists soccer players in improving their ball control, passing, and shooting skills, as well as their soccer intelligence. Most players wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive this training. They will be able to learn drills that they won’t find anywhere else.

Program content includes a PDF workbook and four modules with videos. Each module provides an overview of each drill and details on how it should be done. Because the program is practical, it makes it easy for players and coaches to use the skills they have learned in games.

The video contains 4 hours and 40 mins of content. It includes many demonstrations of individual soccer skills as well as classroom lessons that will help improve your understanding and make you play better.

Overview of the Major Features

The program includes a workbook of 77 pages that provides an overview of the soccer course as well as helpful background information about how to make the most of it.
Each module has its own video to show the different soccer skills. These videos will provide players with a step by step guide for mastering soccer skills such as ball control, passing, shooting, and dribbling.
The majority of videos take between 5-6 minutes and the classroom sessions are closer to 15 minutes.
Module One (The Rock) contains 19 videos. Each video lasts one hour and three seconds.
Modules Two (The Cup), Three and Four (The Factory and The Vault) share a similar structure as Module One, but differ in their length (1 hr 19 minutes for Module Two; 1 hour 50 mins Module Three; 26 mins Module 4).
Additional videos provide general information on playing soccer and positional play.
There are also bonus modules that address nutrition and soccer conditioning.
The benefits of Epic Soccer Training

The greatest benefit of the system is its ability to be used as a complete training program for soccer players. Each module builds upon the previous one, so players can build a foundation of skills and then move on to more advanced ones.

These modules are organized in a clear, concise, and comprehensive manner. This program is ideal for anyone who wants to learn soccer the right way.

It’s also credible because it was designed by Matt Smith, a former professional soccer player.

Matt shows the drills by himself, unlike other soccer training programs that leave the younger players to learn the moves.

You can also get a 100% refund guarantee so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Areas of Improvement

The only problem is that you cannot download the videos to your computer. Instead, you must watch them online.

This program is not recommended for coaches who want to create a program that will teach their team how to train. Although it can be used to complement team training with great success, it cannot replace team practice sessions.

Epic Soccer Training is, in short, the best soccer training program.

You won’t find a better program to teach you how to play soccer and improve your skills.