Sliding Glass Door Won’t Slide

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When it involves maintaining your house in tip-pinnacle shape, nothing may be more demanding than a sliding glass door that won’t slide. After all, what’s the motive of getting a beautiful glass door that leads out to a picturesque outdoor if the darn component takes 3 NFL linebackers to slide it open? So having in my view experienced such sliding glass door angst, I determined to put in writing this newsletter to inform you on the number 1 cause why your sliding glass door may not slide – and what you could do about it!

The #1 purpose why your sliding us standard products glass door may not side is because an excessive amount of dust and particles have clogged up the wheels and the track of your door panel. This is not a tough repair, however due to the fact maximum sliding glass doorways are quite heavy, it is satisfactory when you have some other person gift that will help you. The first step is to take a look at how your sliding glass door is fixed to the song. The majority of sliding glass doors have a strip that runs along the top of the frame that holds the doors in vertical alignment, positioning the wheels to in shape smartly over the sliding tune. To start, let’s use a simple screwdriver to do away with that strip at the top. Once the strip is eliminated, slowly tilt the door out of the frame, then do away with it out of the frame all-together. Turn the door on its facet and observe the wheels at the bottom of the door. Remember, a few sliding glass doorways can be upwards of 90 pounds, so both gather some help or be very confident on your physical capacity.

Once the door is on its side, you could carefully observe the wheels and the tune. Most commonly, you will find the wheels are full of soot and particles, and the song is also probably very grimy. To easy the wheels, use compressed air and needle tip pliers. Be careful to tug every final hair out of the wheel bearings. It is wise to be diligent in this step, so that you don’t have to make a dependancy of this procedure. Once the wheels are absolutely easy, spray a little bit of penetrating oil into the wheel bearings, spinning the wheel as you apply the oil. (The high-quality desire for the oil is DuPont’s Teflon non-stick dry film lubricant.) It is similarly important to easy the music that the wheels relaxation on. Use damp paper towels to get rid of the grit and dirt, and then spray the penetrating oil along the tune so it is nicely-implemented. Use a easy paper towel to make certain it is frivolously implemented.

While you are at it, smooth up all the “mating-edges” of the door. This is wherein the sliding door meets with every other surface of the door body. A general rule of thumb is to sincerely wipe down something that looks dirty. Remember, even supposing the dirt is not necessarily within the track itself, it may sooner or later fall to the music inflicting your door to require every other wipe down. If you be aware any mating edges that feel sticky, take a paper towel and spray some oil into it, then wipe the oil onto the sticky surfaces.

After you’ve got performed all this, reinstall the door. You must observe proper away that the door is plenty less complicated to slide, and need to require extensively much less effort. If for any reason the door continues to be difficult to roll, it is in all likelihood one of the following motives: either your wheels are absolutely burned out, or your sliding glass door is sitting too high on the tune, and is for this reason hitting the pinnacle plate of the door frame. If your wheels are burned out, unfortunately you may have to name the manufacture of your sliding glass door and request new wheels. If, however, your door is hitting the pinnacle plate of your door body, you could alter this by way of locating the screw holes at the very bottom of you sliding glass door. On most sliding glass doorways, there are screws which may be became with either a flathead screwdriver or an alan wrench. Turn to the proper to elevate the door, or flip to the left to lower the door.