Spoon Jewelry: From Antique Sterling ware to Wearable Adornments

We have always been drawn to antique silverware for its beauty and historical significance. Collectors from all walks of the globe would go on hunts at flea markets, estate sales, or local auctions to find rare silverware to complete their collection Festival Jewelry.

A Silver Spoon is Born

In the beginning, silver spoons were prized possessions and the term “born with one” was created. Silver spoons were used to distinguish landowner families and social classes. Silverware was extremely valuable, and houses of wealthy landowners were often broken into. The stolen spoons were then sold for high sums of money.

A generous helping of craftiness

These are no longer traditional pieces of silverware, but can now be worn as art. Many skilled artisans are now able to transform silverware into beautiful spoon jewelry. This jewelry is unique because it is made by artisans using only simple tools.

These handmade jewelry collections include silver spoon rings, bracelets and necklaces made with high-quality components. Because spoon jewelry is a completely unexpected object that has been made into fashionable accessories, it will make a great conversation piece.

From silverware to silver-worn jewelry

Many styles of spoon jewelry that is vintage inspired are available. They can add sophistication and style to any outfit. These spoon jewelries have been stylishly elegant for women from the past and present. Spoon jewelry’s intricate designs and antique appearance are both elegant and romantic.

Spoon jewelry should be taken care of as each piece is oxidized and has a unique vintage look. Handmade jewelry should be stored in an airtight container to prevent tarnishing, and in a jewelry box.

Many online boutiques sell spoon jewelry that is inspired by antique silver spoon patterns or heirloom designs. This spoon jewelry can be handcrafted in artisans’ studios. They come in many beautiful, embellished styles.

There are many styles of spoon jewelry to choose from, including vintage scrolls, intricate scallops and delicate flowers, Rococo-inspired eighteenth-century designs, as well as antique-style demitasse spoon patterns. Spoon bracelets can be embellished with Swarovski crystals or freshwater pearls, while spoon watches have beautiful Mother of Pearl faces.

Many jewelry pieces combine multiple spoons. For example, a necklace can have up to twenty spoons. You can also find whimsical designs in hand-made jewelry made from vintage-style cocktail forks or antique forks.

Because they can be easily adjusted, handmade jewelry makes great gifts for friends and loved ones. Enjoy a spoonful of fun with spoon jewelry.