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.Testolone RAD-140​ – Best for Bulking Up

Ostarine reproduces the testosterone effects. It was originally intended to treat conditions that were caused by or worsened by testosterone deficiencies. Like all SARMs it binds androgen receptors throughout the body [3]. It has also been proven effective in muscle building. Ostarine, originally used for muscle wasting and other chronic conditions, can dramatically improve physical function and increase lean muscle mass in both men and women .

MK-2866 can deliver results in as little as one milligram. According mk677 to one study, patients with cancer who have suffered from muscle wasting saw their stair-climbing abilities improve significantly. The higher dose [6] showed greater improvement.

Ostarine can also be shown to improve bone density and prevent bone losses in animal studies. Powerlifting or other intensive bodybuilding activities can increase your chances of breaking bones, so it is worth considering [7][8]. Ostarine MK-2866 doesn’t contain any steroids. Although it does work similarly, it isn’t actually testosterone. Side effects are very minimal when compared to traditional androgenic agent [9].
It is possible to experience mild stomach pains, constipation or nausea. 

Ostarine should not been used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. These are delicate situations, so keep it natural. Testosterone is responsible for many body benefits, such as muscle building and physical function. Ostarine selectively mimics testosterone’s capabilities, making it one among the most powerful SARMs available for muscle gain and performance enhancement. RAD-140 is extremely sensitive to androgen receptor cells. It is extremely selective in comparison to other SARMs and doesn’t have any effect on other steroidhormone receptors. Initial studies have shown that Testolone can increase lean body mass without affecting fat mass .

SARMs have been defined as being able to detect and distinguish between different types of androgen receptors. Research has confirmed that RAD140 binds specifically well to the androgens in bone, and muscle. It blocks androgen receptors from the breasts as well as the prostate, which decreases the risk of developing prostate or breast cancer .

RAD-140 is a safer option to anabolic steroids or testosterone replacement therapy for muscle wasting. Both can increase or worsen cancers through overstimulation at the androgen receptors .

Testolone might also improve brainpower. Early studies showed that it could reduce brain cell deaths due to aging. Anabolic steroids use is associated to increased brain abnormalities, making this SARM more promising [14][15].

It has been shown to reduce breast cancer in trials. Its increased selectivity means that it has a low risk of estrogenic effects on women such as hair loss [16].

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