The Success story of underachievers to achievers

Generally, we all are underachievers; till then, we know who we are. It is not the story of a born legend or a born talent; it is the story of twin brothers who are normal citizens like us, turned into achievers. This story is available on which even a layperson can understand. Try it out on reading this after gaining a little knowledge here.

The Journey of the Mikkelsen Twins

The actual name of the twins are Christian Mikkelsen, and Ramus Mikkelsen, famously called the Mikkelson twins, well known for their audio podcasts. Though they are well known for these podcasts and their youtube channels, their initial stages of life are almost a tragedy. They reside in New York, their hometown, where both are not much good in their education. They didn’t score many good marks, which doesn’t focus on that. Also, they are shy and don’t engage in any competitions.

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Their Life in Denmark

Since New York is one of the developed cities, these twins didn’t like this much, so they moved to Denmark for some change. But, life in Denmark is a total tragedy where they get addicted to weeds and some odd jobs that are not permanent. After all these sufferings, they planned to move back to their hometown New York and planned to live with their parents. Life will always provide us with a second chance to all of us.

The same chance is provided to the Mikkelsen twins, which is grabbed well by them. That is well said clearly in, where you can gain more details in it about their story.

The Usage of Second Chance

After they returned to New York, they studied hard by joining a local community college; they made their way clear by not wasting their time, and both chose their way to earn money; after quitting the job as a delivery person from a Chinese restaurant, Ramus planned to step into the Dropshipping and Christian planned to launch a self-publishing company. While working as a delivery partners, they tend to listen to many podcasts about self-establishment.

After that, Christians earned more than Ramus and planned to join to start the self-establishment. They find earning passive income is more necessary, so they started their audiobook based on tips to earn passive income.

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