Top 10 Jewellery Cleaning Tips

  1. Be sure to first inspect all jewellery before you start cleaning.It is important to check yourJewellery for any missing or damaged stones. If the jewellery has any metal, make sure to inspect it for cracks, dimples and broken.
  2. Next, clean the jewellery with a cotton fabric.Make sure you clean multiple pieces of jewellery at once. Sediment from previous jewellery could scratch the cloth and cause damage.
  3. Sometimes, you might choose to use store-bought products specifically made for cleaning jewellery.Make sure to read all labels before using any of these products. Avoid putting plated metal jewellery into a dip made for solid metal. You could end up damaging it. A lot of commercial cleaners can leave a film over the jewellery’s finish, which may be undesirable for some finishes such as oxidised. You should only use what you have at hand to clean your jewels.
  4. There are certain products you should not use to clean your jewellery.First, avoid cleaning your jewelry with bleach. It reacts with the metallic making it more vulnerable and prone to breakages. Avoid jewelry that is made with ammonia, acetone or acetone.
  5. Put your gold and silver jewellery into a bowl and let it sit for a few moments to let any stubborn dirt dissolve.Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewellery. Wash the jewellery and then dry it in cold water.
  6. If you’re making jewellery that is handcrafted, copper and brass are options.It is easy to take care of copper and brass jewelry, even though they are more susceptible. It can be cleaned with any of the commercial copper or brass cleaners as well as using household products such as Worcestershire Sauce, ketchup or vinegar. After drying, polish it the same as silver or gold.
  7. Jewellery should be cleaned regularly to maintain its beauty.Most stones, including semiprecious and precious stones, can also be cleaned with soapy waters. Be careful not too scratch fragile stones when using a toothbrush. The toothpaste is a good way to shine up diamonds. It is important to clean gems from underneath. Dust can make the stone look duller and block the light.
  8. To clean pearls, only use mild soapy waters to ensure they are not damaged.They can be dried with a soft cloth made of cotton and left to dry completely before you store them.
  9. You must take care of your jewellery as it is being worn.Keep jewellery safe from drops and knocks. It is also important to avoid excessive pulling on strung beads. You should keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight. Do not clean or garden with household chemicals as they can tarnish jewellery.
  10. When your jewellery is clean and lovely, it is important that you store it properly to preserve its beauty.Make sure jewellery is kept apart from other pieces so that they don’t rub or get caught up.

These tips will ensure that you have beautiful, gleaming jewellery that you will cherish for a lifetime.