TV Tarot Readings and Your Daily Life

With the premiere of the third season of the popular television show, The X Files, on Fox, it is time to look for a new TV tarot reader. While much of the original team of psychic investigators, which appeared on the show, have since left the psychic fold, new faces are appearing on TV often to solve mysteries. Often these new faces are brought in from the TV industry to do the reading instead of a real psychic. This is a trend that has been seen with other famous TV shows like Lost, 24, and The X Files. Now if you have never seen any of these shows, then you may want to consider taking a look to see what sort of expert advice they can give you in the future.

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The first full season of The X Files was simply fantastic. Featuring a stellar cast of characters, and an outstanding suspense build up to the thrilling climax of each episode, the show managed to remain intriguing throughout its run, despite some less than thrilling episodes in seasons past. Even though the first season ended with a lot of unanswered questions, fans of the show were eager to find out what happens to FBI Special Agent Dana Scully and her partner, Special Agent Jack Lambert. The first episode, “Trust”, gave fans a good glimpse of the journey that they will follow, as they seek answers to the many mysterious murders that have been plaguing the small town of Willcox, Illinois. Detailed shots of the woods where the two detectives investigate makes this episode, one that fans will truly appreciate.

“Trust” was the first episode of the 2021 season that did not feature a traditional tarot deck. Instead, creator James Patterson wrote and directed an episode that featured a TV screen, called a “shade” in the TV programming world, which was placed over a regular television screen. This is not a trend that we have seen too much of, and while some may see this as the beginning of the end for the long-running television series, it has actually caused excitement among fans of the TV show. For instance, it was the first time that a TV show was filmed on a green screen, meaning that not only was the special effects more intense, but the location was also more naturalistic and realistic.

Aside from the aforementioned special effect in the first episode, “Trust” featured an intense psychological episode that was very well written. A strong case can be made to argue that “Trust” is the best season 1 episode since the events of 9/11, and is definitely a must-watch for anyone that watched the series prior to this year’s release. What makes this episode so great is the fact that it builds up the tension throughout the entire episode, while never letting the story get boring or redundant. It is a thrill-seeking and psychological hour of television.

It’s interesting to note that Jennifer Aniston plays the lead role of Dana Scully in this year’s “Mulder and Scully” episode. However, Sarah Shahi, who played the same role in the first season, was not credited on this particular episode. This is a shame, as it is a common occurrence nowadays. In any case, Shahi provides one of the best supporting roles in the whole show and was one of the standout actors from the first season, making her a must watch in “Trust.”

I am also going to include the last episode of “Trust,” as it is the most disturbing and emotionally charged of all of the episodes. After the tragic death of Detective Frank Price (played by Erickson Smith), Det. Reyes is distraught, due to the fact that he knew that Price was a good detective who would not have harmed anyone. This revelation, coupled with the fact that Price was working with another investigator (John Ehmler), caused some conflict between the two men. John Ehmler had been a close friend of Price’s, and when he discovered that Price died, had been suspicious of some sort of connection.

This eventually led to the unraveling of a murder that took place within the parking lot of a convenience store, and a disturbing series of events would unfold. Several months before the murder, an old boyfriend of hers had disappeared, and it struck Det. Reyes that this boy had been seen by a young woman on a beach, the woman claiming to be his wife. Shortly thereafter, the wife disappeared, and several months later, a body was found in the parking lot. Apparently the woman had been strangled to death. After the discovery of the body, the investigation moved in to the area of the van that transported the bodies, and John Ehmler was bringing in to interrogate the suspect.

In the final scene of this darkly comic series, we see that John Ehmler has become the suspect for the murder, and it is revealed that he had been performing the role of a tarot reader for years and had a mysterious benefactor that supplied him with important information that he used to help solve crimes. It seems that the benefactor had placed an important key inside the deck of cards, and since that time, John Ehmler has been trying to get the other cards from the deck. Finally, the investigation discovers that the real killer had once worked as a detective for the police, and he had stolen some of the cards from the deck while it was being transported to his home. It is then up to John Ehmler to uncover the secret of the cards and save the day.