Understanding Motivation, Debunking the Motivation Myth

Motivation comes from the word ‘circulate’ and method ‘to transport’. Motivation actually manner; that which actions someone to a course of movement. Motivation suggests a movement that is initiated by way of a cause or motive. This is an vital point to understand; having a reason and motive will prompt motivation. For example, it’s far tough to move toward some thing in case you can not see any cause or purpose. In different phrases you need a motif or top purpose as to why you’ll positioned inside the effort and to create some momentum and pass from in which you currently are. If you’re keen to do something you are more likely to be prompted; you do not must strive, you’ll simply need do it. Remember also that you might have a reason and reason to NOT be motivated; in that case you might not to ‘flow’.

Move away or in the direction of?

At the middle we humans are very simple creatures. We either move away from something or toward some thing courtesy of the mind. The mind is designed to transport closer to reward or satisfaction and pass far from pain. Like some other dwelling creature we move faraway from pain and closer to delight (survival). In order to be prompted (to move) you want to have an amazing reason; either a praise or gain, or a circulate faraway from discomfort, dislike or risk.

To be or now not to be encouraged…This is the question

There are many questions on personal motivation – or loss of it – as well as motivation in others. People frequently marvel why they themselves or a person else isn’t always stimulated.

Managers regularly ask the question ‘How can I encourage my crew?’ The trouble is they search for a simple solution like a group constructing day, waiting for it to paintings like magic. They think that by some means by way of waving a magic wand they’ll come to be encouraged. Even in case you get the arena’s most reputable motivational speaker, it’s unlikely to reap some thing extra than a brief term excessive. It normally does not result in the team being extra stimulated to paintings together. Why…Due to the fact if there isn’t a clear motive, a motif for the people in that team, nothing lots will circulate them. The identical is going for non-public motivation. Many humans cross trying to find the magic motivation components rather than just being clear about their motive or purpose.

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)

We generally are simplest motivated if the maximum fundamental questions are addressed: What is the factor? Why have to I be doing this? What’s in it for me? Why is this relevant to me?

In order to be prompted there wishes to be some thing in it for you. Even if you are inspired to help others, it makes you feel excellent; it offers you satisfaction, a reason. You want to create and feature a terrific reason to install non-stop attempt. Why else could you placed inside the effort and typically give up doing some thing else which you might otherwise experience?

Did you ever marvel why you had to do sure subjects at faculty that did not especially hobby you? The solution possibly became ‘due to the fact it is part of the curriculum’. Did this motivate and encourage you to do properly? While you probable complied – as now not doing so probable had bad results – you in reality did no longer undertake the challenge feeling stimulated, eager and excited.

But I am trying

How nicely does it paintings when you feel you ‘have to’ surrender smoking, ‘must’ lose weight, ‘have to’ drink much less or ‘should’ workout extra, whilst you don’t really want to? Have you ever met a person who has been trying to give up smoking? Answer one question: Do they or don’t they smoke? The trouble is with the implication of the word attempting.

The phrase trying says you are not sincerely motivated or devoted but you are attempting some thing, having a move. Only when you see a compelling purpose and determine to do some thing will you be encouraged enough affordable to alternate your habits and gain what it is you need to obtain. Without a choice and a compelling cause you can strive as difficult as you want, however you are not likely to be triumphant. No amount of teambuilding, motivational audio system or programs can do this for you. No rewards will assist you to come to be prompted past compliance if you do not in my view see a motif or an amazing purpose why.

The greater motifs, the greater motivation

As a fashionable rule, the more reasons you have to do some thing – the more advantages there are for you – the extra prompted you’re likely to be. No depend what number of reasons other humans may give you or how tons they are trying to steer or affect you, until it resonates with what is crucial to you, in other phrases with what you price, you simply can’t and will not be stimulated.

You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Ultimately no-one else can motivate you apart from you. The more your sports and goals are aligned with what you cost, the greater prompted you’ll be. You are not going to be motivated via what you ‘need to’ do instead then what you would like to do. Of direction we are also influenced by using what I call ‘secondary motivation.’

Secondary motivation is being inspired to do something because in case you do not it’s going to have poor results.

If you do not lose weight and appearance after your body you would possibly get sick, if you do not do your tax return, pay your mortgage, earn money and so on. There may be expenses, pain…In different words pain.

The more compelling motives you may locate to do something, the extra stimulated you’ll be and the less difficult matters becomes. If there’s a loss of motivation it’s far due to the fact there is no clear primary or secondary advantage. When you aren’t prompted in areas of your life which are essential to you, look at the ‘repay’, the reason or benefit of staying stuck. By the manner, you can’t make the horse drink however you may make it very thirsty!

Am I being lazy?

Many humans confuse loss of motivation with being lazy. Ultimately there’s no such issue as being lazy. But there absolutely may be a scarcity of motivation due to a loss of purpose.

If you need check this theory ask a teen to tidy up their room and spot their response. You would possibly have (wrongly) judged the absence of enthusiasm as being lazy. Now ask the teen to depart the room. Hide cash in their room in exceptional places and invite them to find as plenty as they can within mins. What do you watched might take place to the ‘lazy’ teen? You got it…MOTIVATION!

Get up, get out and make it take place….Or now not

Motivation is what’s going to make things take place. It is what enables you get out of that chair, prevent placing toxins into your frame and flow toward what you really need in existence. So any further don’t waste your time through calling yourself lazy or making half hearted attempts by means of ‘attempting’. Instead spend time uncovering your motivation. You will discover that there are sure things that inspire you and different matters that don’t. No you may inform you what need to or must now not motivate you. Different human beings are stimulated through various things.

If you sense motivated to hold overeating, smoking, consuming and so forth. This is ok. You understand the outcomes and if you chose to simply accept them, then that is entirely your choice. So make it! The critical aspect is don’t child yourself. The fact is you are encouraged and devoted to these things in any other case you will not be doing it. So if you need to overeat, smoke, drink, stay sitting for your chair looking plenty of TV, then don’t waste your time seeking to surrender or by making excuses. Stop uninteresting yourself and others with the phrase ‘must’ or ‘I must give up’. Either give up or don’t! The preference is yours. But earlier than you make a decision ask your self these questions:

Is this without a doubt what I need to do?
Why am I doing what I am doing? What is my actual motif, cause or reason? Am I positive?
How does this serve me now and inside the future?
Does what I do without a doubt align with my values or is it simply a lack of impulse manage?
The motivation myth

We now recognise that motivation is the important thing to getting things finished; for attaining desires and goals. We also understand that aligning our motif with our values is essential.