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The advantages for the user are enormous, particularly in this time of high gas costs and horrible traffic. Who wants to drive anywhere to go get their video content when it can just be downloaded? A mouse click is so much more convenient. As more individuals view their personal computer as the middle of their entertainment system, the days of the video shop are numbered. With the release of Microsoft’s Vista operating system, which includes tremendous integrated entertainment and video capabilities, the consumer Break Video Downloader took another giant step in adopting their computer as the center of the entertainment world.

As numerous people bought iPODs and to a lesser extent Microsoft Zunes for mobile video viewing, they have become accustom to having their content downloaded, instead of really waiting for this to be delivered or forcing to receive it themselves. The 5th generation of the iPOD and the release of this Zune in the last quarter of 2006 have proved incredibly profitable. The release of this video capable iPOD helped apple market 14 million units in the 4th quarter of 2005 alone. The Zune has undergone somewhat slower sales, despite a larger, brighter full-color screen and WiFi networking capacity, two features that have to have helped Microsoft shut the gap with Apple.

Many reason why the Zune has failed to market on a par with all the iPOD are due to Microsoft’s marketing plan for the participant. For example, though the Zune comes in several colours, Microsoft has neglected to satisfactorily communicate this reality to the buying public. Another reason for the Zune’s slow earnings has to do with Microsoft’s propensity to spell out the Zune with marketingspeak, instead of clearly explaining to customers why they want one. Here’s Microsoft speaking about the Zune:”It’s actually not a device.

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