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What is Much better than The ten Finest Function in the home Work?

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I admit it, I was sucked into reading an article on one of the major search engines this morning titled “The 10 Best Work at Home Jobs”. Although, actually, their point was that those 10 work at home jobs are “real” and “legitimate”.

While I agree that the jobs they listed which included translator, web designer and teacher are “real” jobs, they are not exactly jobs just anyone can pick up today and start doing. You need to have a particular highly developed skill in order to do them.

Other jobs mentioned, like franchise owner, can take an awful lot of up front cash that not everyone has laying around. When you buy a franchise you typically have just solved someone else’s cash problem but you are a long way from solving yours.

I would like to devote the rest of this article to an income stream that many do not consider a job. It is better than a “job” and better in my opinion than those 10 best work at home jobs that other article was espousing. Viet247

What I am referring to is article marketing, sometimes known as “bum marketing”. Article marketing is something most anyone can do with just a computer, borrowed at the library if necessary, and an internet connection.

With article marketing you chose a product or a service that you have some interest in, even a video game would work, and write articles to promote that product or service and receive a commission when someone buys.

Let me be clear about one thing, you do not have to be a writer. In fact, some people hire others to write for them. You can have quality articles written for just a few dollars. Some companies with a product will even give you articles to modify and use for free.

I consider article marketing to be one of the best work at home jobs for the following reasons:

You can work from home, a coffee shop, anywhere
You need zero money to start
You work on your own schedule, any time of the day or night
No one cares what you look like, talk like, or act like
It does not matter how young or how old you are
You need no previous experience or “resume”
Your income potential is unlimited
What could possibly beat that? Doesn’t that sound like the kind of “job” you have always wanted?

How about co-workers and friends? People who work online with article marketing usually have more friends and co-workers than anyone I know. If they do not live near each other they email, skype and twitter each other.

You meet those friends and co-workers at conferences that you attend in fun locations with the money you earned working at home online. And that “conference at a fun location” is probably tax deductible (check with your accountant).

Do not wait any longer to start a new life. One of the best work at home jobs [http://www.HowToEarnMoneyVideo.com] is waiting for you right now. All you need is a little guidance and direction to get started.

Get the guidance and direction you need at my website dedicated to teaching people just like you how to earn money online. Go to [http://www.HowToEarnMoneyVideo.com] and start right now.

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