Your Internet Connection Interacting With Smart Television Makes TV Viewing a Social Affair

Since we as a society are becoming very social when it comes to our technology, why shouldn’t that move into our television experience? In fact, smart television is quickly becoming the next new technology darling that consumers are utilizing to change the way we shop, communicate, and make entertainment selections. To fully enjoy the expanding benefits of smart television, you will need an internet connection with adequate bandwidth. Find out whether providers like Verizon FiOS or AT&T Uverse are available in your area for optimal, seamless smart technology interaction.

What exactly are the types of activities you activate can engage in on smart television while watching TV? Picture this:

Access and engage in real-time chat with friends or chat rooms

  • Pull up internet content related to the show you are watching
  • Use social media sharing features to share information or clips of the show
  • Receive feeds directly related to the television content
  • Vote and share opinions
  • Customize your own television guide to your preferences
  • Send reminders to your wireless phone that your favorite shows are playing at specific dates and times
  • Have smart television make recommendations for other similar shows

Consider the real-time chat feature. Say you are a big American Idol fan, and so is your best friend who lives in another state. You can make a weekly appointment to watch Idol together, and comment back and forth via chat about your favorite performances. You can argue about who is best – old idol judges or new ones. And you can even weigh in online with other like-minded fans about your preferences as you both enter a chat room during the show. All of this is done virtually through your smart television and internet connection working together.

But wait – your telephone rings. Should you get up? This would necessitate pausing the show and stepping away from the chat room for a few minutes, right? Not with smart television. The caller i.d. flashes right up on the screen, enabling you to decide if you want to answer it, or return the call later. You can even return the call with your remote control once your American Idol party is over.

Take things a step further by adding shopping to your list of activities with smart television. Steven Tyler comments about a shade of lipstick that Jennifer Lopez is wearing, and you really like it and want to purchase it. Your smart technology will list the brand and shade of her lipstick, and you can view an online advertisement, get reviews, and find the best places to purchase the lipstick. You can even buy it online by accessing a shopping cart. Later on, other advertisements for cosmetics will be served up based upon your shopping and surfing preferences before.